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FinTech Firm Adds Banking

Samson Amore · November 8, 2019

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5 Tech Startups Making Waves in 2019

Gessell Wolitski · September 24, 2019

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Next Billion Dollar Startups 2019

Amy Feldman and Biz Carson · July 16, 2019

Each year for the past five, Forbes has searched the country for the 25 fast-growing, venture-backed startups most likely to reach $1 billion in value.

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5 ways to accessorize your checking account for more benefits

Mary Wisniewski · July 15, 2019

You’ve likely held on to your checking account for a while. In fact, the average adult has used the same primary checking account for about 16 years.

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I tried Dave Banking, the Mark Cuban-backed fintech, and it's a dead-simple app with real potential

Alex Nicoll · July 8, 2019

Dave, the Mark Cuban and Diplo-backed fintech startup, rolled out its new Dave banking service in June, announcing a $110 million raise at the same time.

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Dave Inc.'s $110 million financing tops recent funding news in Los Angeles

Staff Writer · June 27, 2019

Los Angeles-based fintech company Dave Inc. has secured $110 million in debt financing, according to company database Crunchbase, topping the...

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How Personal Finance App Dave Helps Consumers Avoid Overdraft Fees

Amit Chowdhry · June 24, 2019

Dave is a mobile finance app that helps people avoid overdraft fees — which is launching a new banking market product called Dave Banking.

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How the Dave Budgeting App Works

Theresa Carey · June 20, 2019

Los Angeles-based Dave.com was built on the premise that financial products should be easy and approachable, and that bank overdraft fees...

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The Challengers 7: A eulogy for Finn — Dave launches a bank — Monzo and Revolut prepare for US launch

Zack Miller · June 20, 2019

Next up, Zack spoke about personal finance app Dave launching a bank this week and the difference in the Dave banking product versus the Finn offering.

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Dave raises $110M to scale its new banking feature

Katie Fustich · June 19, 2019

To date, LA-based fintech startup Dave has helped more than three million people cover unplanned spending overages.

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Online banking service Dave helps millennials build credit

I-Chun Chen · June 19, 2019

Mark Cuban-backed Dave, a personal finance app aimed at millennials, has raised $110 million in debt and launched a new online-only banking service.

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Dave Inc. Raises $110 Million, Launches Banking Business

Samson Amore · June 19, 2019

Santa Monica-based Dave Inc., developers of a financial management mobile app designed to prevent bank overdrafts, announced June 19 a $110 million...

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Dave Banking launches checking account

Staff Writer · June 19, 2019

Los Angeles fintech start-up, Dave, has launched a digital-only deposit account that aims to help young people stay on top of their money...

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Personal Finance App Dave Launches Mobile Banking; Raises $110 Million In Debt

Donna Fuscaldo · June 18, 2019

Dave, the personal finance app backed by Mark Cuban is getting into the mobile banking market, launching Dave Banking and announcing it raised $110 million in debt.

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Mark Cuban-backed fintech app launches checking account with a twist

Mary Wisniewski · June 18, 2019

Two years ago, Mark Cuban-backed Dave launched a mobile app that plugged into existing bank accounts to help young adults avoid overdraft fees.

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‘Banking for humans’: Dave launches credit-building banking for its 3.5M users

Zack Miller · June 18, 2019

When Dave launched, the personal finance manager flew under the radar. But 3.5 million registered users turn to Dave to help them track expenses...

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US digital challenger Dave Banking debuts, raises $110m

Douglas Blakey · June 18, 2019

The account is the first US mobile banking account that aims to build account holders credit scores automatically.

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Fintech App Dave Fights Overdraft Fees and Payday Lenders

Amy Brown · May 12, 2019

Dave, a new fintech app, is the David to the big banks’ Goliath, fighting exorbitant overdraft fees by warning people they’re about to blow their...

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Mottek On Money (April 27th, 2019)

Frank Mottek · April 27, 2019

Kevin Klowden the executive director of the institute's Center for Regional Economics previews the mega event. L.A.'s economy is experiencing a loud...

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The Hidden Dangers of Automatic-Payment Apps

Kevin McAllister · March 16, 2019

For younger people, automatic-payment apps have severed the connection between the things we buy and the act of paying for those things.

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The Ins and Outs of Overdraft Protection

Maryalene LaPonsie · March 14, 2019

Extended overdraft fees can equal out to as much as $10 per day at some institutions.

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Dave™ App Helps Millions of Users Predict Expenses and Avoid Overdraft Fees with Quick Advances

Adam West · Dec 26, 2018

The Dave app arrived in 2017 as nearly 25% of Americans were exceeding their checking accounts at least once a year, and banks were charging them...

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‘Dave’ Could Be Your New Best Friend When it Comes to Avoiding an Overdraft

Susan Shain · Aug 23, 2018

Overdrafting ranks up there with bumper-to-bumper traffic and running out of coffee: the worst. Making a $10 mistake — to pay $35 in fees? Ho...

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Dave, a fintech startup backed by Mark Cuban and Diplo, is launching a checking account that helps users build their credit score

Alex Nicoll · June 18, 2018

The checking account has been added to their popular app in an attempt to become the financial hub for their young user base.

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How This Serial Entrepreneur Developed The App Millennials Use To Avoid Overdraft Fees

Spencer Israel · Mar 6, 2018

Americans spent around $15 billion in overdraft fees in 2016, the most recent year for which data is available, according to the Consumer Final...

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How relentless emailing helped this 25-year-old snare $300,000 from Mark Cuban

Ron Grover · Nov 15, 2017

Cuban ended up hitting it big. His $300,000 investment in 2011 gave him a little more than 20 percent of Wilk’s company, recalls the entrepreneur...

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This App Will Loan You $75 to Avoid Overdraft Fees

Emily Price · Oct 21, 2017

Overdraft fees are the worst. No one wants to get them, and chances are good when you do it’s not because you were intentionally spending mo...

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These People Pay The Most Overdraft Fees

Suzanne Woolley · Aug 4, 2017

Perhaps the most despised bank fee among consumers is the overdraft fee, an ugly $30 (or so) insult to your wallet. Many consumers have bee...

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6 Apps & Sites To Help You Manage Your Money

Natalia Lusinki · May 9, 2017

Money is a feminist issue — and yet, women are still reluctant to talk about it. According to a recent Bustle survey of more than 1,000 Millen...

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Mark Cuban’s “Dave” Spots You No-Interest Loans To Avoid Overdraft Fees

Steven Melendez · May 2, 2017

To borrow a word Donald Trump used while describing health care, balancing your checkbook can be “complicated.” And it’s always great...

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Mark Cuban is backing an app that's trying to help people avoid overdraft fees

Frank Chaparro · Apr 25, 2017

Mark Cuban was crushed with overdraft fees in his 20s. Now he's backing an app that's trying to help people avoid having to pay them.

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For Workers In A Pinch, Start-Ups Experiment With No-Interest Loans

Frank Chaparro · Apr 25, 2017

Mark Cuban was crushed with overdraft fees in his 20s. Now he's backing an app that's trying to help people avoid having to pay them.

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Dave wants to save you from expensive overdraft fees

Natasha Lomas · April 25, 2017

Meet Dave: an AI dressed up in a bearsuit that’s just launched to save you from the evils of expensive overdraft fees. Hand Dave access to you...

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Overdraft fee offender? Dave’s got your back

Gili Malinsky · Apr 25, 2017

Want to put an end to costly overdraft fees? A new app could warn you when you don’t have enough cash in your checking account to cover ex...

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