Banking for humans

Meet the banking app on a mission to build products that level the financial playing field. Get paid up to two days early*, build your credit history,** and get up to $250 advances without paying a fee. 10 million members and counting.

“Meet Dave: an AI dressed up in a bearsuit saving you from the evils of expensive overdraft fees.” - TechCrunch

“Insane bank charges could become a thing of the past with fintech app Dave, which analyzes spending patterns, predicts checking shortfalls—and covers them.” - FastCompany

“It's difficult for consumers to anticipate when their account will become overdrawn. For $1 a month, Dave will sync to a user's account, analyze spending patterns and provide alerts when an account is in danger of going negative.” - US News and World Report

“There are now apps available that give you better insights on your money than ever before. Dave is forward looking, and will alert you if you are at risk of overdrawing on your account."” - Wall Street Journal

Need help covering a bill?

Get a small advance on your next paycheck and then pay Dave back when it arrives. No interest. No credit check.

Build your credit history

Dave partnered with LevelCredit to let you report rent payments to major credit bureaus, giving you a credit-building opportunity. A $100 per year service that’s free for Dave Banking members.

Real-time support from real people

Need help with your account? Dave has fully-trained professionals standing by to help you out.

Security stronger than a bear

Every account is protected by banking-level security and FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Goodbye fees

With Dave Banking, there are no overdraft fees, no minimum balance fees and no ATM-fees from 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs.

A better way to budget

Always know how much you can spend while still covering all your bills with Dave’s automatic budgeting feature.

Find a Side Hustle

Put a little more money in your pocket by finding a side job that fits your schedule with Dave’s Side Hustle feature.

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What people say about Dave

I was about to overdraft my account but thanks to Dave now I don’t have to pay those annoying fees!!! Thanks Dave! 10,000% Satisfied!

App Store Review by Ganso!!!
83.9k ratings

This app is shockingly simple in its interface and in its purpose. The information it asks for is as unobtrusive as possible for its stated function. Has saved me from an overdraft 7 times. So helpful and absolutely non judgmental to lower income people.

App Store Review by Oronym
83.9k ratings

This app is useful for monitoring of your spending habits and alerts of upcoming transactions that could potentially overdraft your account. It also has an advance feature which will deposit funds into your account to help battle overdraft fees from those nasty banks!

Google Play Review by Casey Fixler
72.1k ratings

I honestly thought this app was a scam or something for sure. But it has actually helped me a lot without having to pay back double the amount.

Google Play Review by Ines Maine
72.1k ratings

I am pleasantly surprjsed....I had originally thought this may be "too good to be true", but it is NOT.. It does everything that it promised and then some, Then I saw who was in on the development and behind the program...Mark Cuban!! What a great guy..Mark is highly intelligent (as in a genius!!!)

Google Play Review by Colleen Bayone
72.1k ratings

I’m thankful for an app like Dave. We struggled paycheck to paycheck. I am thankful for the app Dave because it saved us from our water being shut off. Thankfully my husband got a better job and we will no longer struggle like we used too.

App Store Review by 0937374749/2
83.9k ratings

This is one of the greatest apps available. It allows you to get up to an advance of 75 dollars, and then it it's auto debited out of your next paycheck. Their customer service group is among the best, and I would recommend if you are in a financial tight spot.

Google Play Review by Allen Smith
72.1k ratings

Definitely comes in handy when your a few dollars short. I have a gamblers mentality so I’m glad it’s restricted to certain amounts so I don’t pull too much

App Store Review by Alex urbina
83.9k ratings

I think Dave is amazing. Always there when I need them, and haven’t had any problems since day one. This is definitely a legit app. I would recommend to everyone :)

App Store Review by wmurphy22
83.9k ratings

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